Two weeks in…

It’s hard to believe that week 2 of Kindergarten is now history! So much has happened in the first NINE days of school! We’re having so much fun learning about each other. Sharing our “All About Me” bags was one great way we got to know our fellow Kinders better.



We added another Kinder to the CCA family this week, Mark Wilson II (not pictured yet)! He is sweet, friendly, and has quickly adjusted to the Peace Fruit Stand. The Kinders have done an excellent job of making him feel right at home. Please welcome Mark Wilson II and his family to CCA! Also, we’ve already gotten to celebrate two August birthdays this year!  Happy Birthday, Joshua and Mathew!!!


Each day we love to pray and open up God’s Word together. We read that “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…God saw all that He had made, and it was very good (Genesis 1:1, 31). God’s perfection and peace was reflected in His creation. In the Peace Fruit Stand, we will be defining the word “PEACE” as we understand it from God’s Word, our interactions with others, our (home, church, and school) environment, and in our learning throughout the year.

After discussions and activities on the difference between PEACEMAKERS and PEACEBREAKERS, the Kinders Saints discovered right away that the words “I can’t” and “I don’t want to” do not exist in the Peace Fruit Stand. With some redirection and peaceful, positive thinking about their abilities and attitudes, they are learning how to become independent, hard-working CCA Saints. Check out some of their peacemaking work so far…

In READERS WORKSHOP we launched Read to Self, the first of the five components of the Daily 5 exercises that cultivate independent readers and writers. They learned three ways to read a book:

  1. Read the pictures.
  2. Read the words.
  3. Retell the story from a book previously read.



Most of them are reading the pictures for now, but as they do, they are making meaning of the story and are working on building reading stamina.  We have been practicing Read to Self for 3-minutes at a time and will  work on increasing our stamina in the coming weeks.

In WRITERS WORKSHOP, the Kinders are practicing the proper uses for pencils, crayons, paper, and their writing folders to help pave the way in their writing journey to becoming authors and illustrators.

In MATH we are discovering that shapes are everywhere in God’s created world and how even the simplest of shapes can produce magnificent and elaborate works of art when used together. The Kinders use manipulatives, such as the pattern blocks pictured below, to identify shapes and get creative! We will continue working on shapes next week and learn the difference between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes.



In SCIENCE the Kinders, with their fellow Firsties and second graders, had a special opportunity for S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) enrichment through the Engineering for Kids program to design, build, launch, and test straw rockets on the first Friday of school.

qtr 1-8
The CCA primary department learn the different types of engineers and prepare to become aerospace engineers.

qtr 1-7

qtr 1-6
Using scissors and cardstock the students design and shape the wings (or flaps) for their fuselage, the straw.
qtr 1-44
Taping their wings to their fuselage


qtr 1-43
The CCA Saints gather together in the gym to get ready to launch their straw rockets. They had an audience of K2 and K3 Saints to cheer them on!

Watch the live Facebook coverage of their rocket launches:


I just recently learned that “kindergarten” means “garden of children.” The image in my mind of the Kinders as plants and the partnership of parents and teachers (including Sunday School teachers) as gardeners, only fleshes out our CCA motto:

Where home, church, and school work together.

My prayer this year is that God would mightily use us as parents and teachers to help each Kinder and CCA Saint “grow, flower, and bring forth fruit — and to renew their manifestation year after year” (from the “Moral Culture of Infancy and Kindergarten Guide). I LOVE my “garden of children!”


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