Our Week in Field Trips, Part 2

A Visit to the Fire Station

The Kinders have been learning about community helpers and how they each serve a specific purpose and play important roles in allowing our community to run smoothly and effectively. On Friday they had the opportunity to visit the firefighters of Fire Station #9 to get a glimpse of their lives in action.

First, we went on a tour of the station and saw their sleeping quarters, workout room, captain’s office, and even walked in on some firefighters preparing lunch with a wonderful aroma that filled the kitchen.

Captain Parrish explained the importance of heat and fire safety in the kitchen. He showed the Kinders that pot handles should NEVER face out where it can be knocked over. Pot handles should always face to the side or away to prevent spills and burns.

Some other important information for kids Captain Parrish shared included:

  • knowing the number for emergencies: 9-1-1
  • knowing the first and last names of your parents
  • memorizing your home address
  • having a designated meeting place right outside of your house in case of fires or other emergencies.

For more information on creating a fire safety plan in your home, check out this site: http://stayingalive1.com/kids_escapeplan.html.

We listened in on a 9-1-1 dispatcher notifying all local fire stations of a car accident.

One of the firefighters put on his entire firefighter gear to show how well-protected he must be when fighting fires.

He had the Kinders imagine a room filled with smoke. They practiced getting low to the ground, reminded them to not be afraid of a firefighter in full gear, and to crawl towards a firefighter (instead of hiding from them) if the situation ever arose.

We could not leave the fire station without getting to check out the inside of a fire truck first!

We are so thankful for our local heroes for their dedication and service to our community. Thank you!


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