Our Week in Field Trips, Part 1

What a wonderful week we had of getting a first-hand look at the very things we have been learning in class through field trips! Our trip to Hunt Club Farm was off to a great start, especially when this happens:

Our awesome tour guide Ms. Theresa took us to several different stations on the farm. We were exposed to the life cycle of frogs, bees, birds, and plants. We got to look for froglets in their mini pond, dig for worms, play with the chickens in the coop, pet some of the animals, feed the goats, and plant sunflower seeds in the garden.

The photo below is a look at the aviary from the outside with a display of different types of bird eggs, which Ms. Theresa was showing the Kinders. Can you guess how many chicken eggs are equivalent to one ostrich egg?


Going inside the aviary and getting to feed the birds was probably one of our favorite parts of the entire farm visit! It was fascinating to see God’s amazing creation up close. The birds apparently LOVED Mrs. Smith!

Lunch time was a great time to share our favorite parts of the field trip so far and squeeze in some math discussion. The Kinders ate their food in fractions. “I ate 1/2 of my chip!” “I have 1/4 of my cookie left!” the Kinders exclaimed. It was impressive to see sandwiches cut into fourths, too!  (Way to go, parents)!


And of course, we got to have recess at the farm!

Thank you Hunt Club Farm for an educational, hands-on, and all-around fabulous day! The Lord couldn’t have granted us a more weather-perfect day for field-tripping. It was beautiful outside!


The Kinders were sad to leave the farm but were excited for another ride on the bus.


Their excitement only lasted for a short time. Many of them were out within minutes of leaving the farm after a fun, yet exhausting day.


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