Peace “Otterly” Excites!

This time of the year naturally brings out the excitement of the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. The Kinders are learning that peace excites not only in receiving from others but also in giving, gratitude, and persevering through hard work.

In learning about the first Thanksgiving and all that the Pilgrims had to go through for religious freedom, we realize how much we have to be thankful for.  Many of us got to celebrate Thanksgiving surrounded by family, friends, a feast (harvested from the grocery store) that probably lasted for days, and the freedom to pray and worship God as we desire.

Just like the pilgrims had to work hard in a new land to survive, the Kinders got a small taste of what life could have been like in the past where everything was planted for harvesting and made from scratch.  They each took turns helping make homemade butter by shaking a jar of whipping cream constantly for about 10 minutes! Boy, did their arms get tired!

Kyros took her turn at shaking one of the jars of whipping cream until it turned to butter!
After minutes of vigorous shaking, the Kinders finally made butter! [We even noticed the three states of matter that existed in that small jar – solid (butter), liquid (buttermilk), and gas (air)].
We couldn’t let the hard of work of butter-making go to waste, so we had to enjoy it on some bread, of course.  Delicious! The Kinders even asked for a second serving of bread and butter 🙂

We also made some popcorn in honor of our study of Squanto, the friendly Native American Indian who taught the Pilgrims how to raise and harvest corn.  With the help of our school’s cognitive therapist Ms. Pattie, the Kinders enjoyed the experience of watching corn kernels wildly transform into popcorn!


They used their five senses to come up with some “juicy” adjectives to describe our popcorn before devouring it!


With Christmas in just a few weeks, our Social Studies unit on Needs and Wants was a great segue into the real meaning and spirit of Christmas.  The Kinders came up with a list of items they want for Christmas.


Then they brainstormed what they think we really need to live.  It’s a pretty good list, don’t you think?


The Kinders concluded that what we really need is Jesus.  God provides for all our physical needs as He promises in Matthew 6:25-32, BUT Jesus is the only way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:6). This Christmas we are thankful for Jesus who came to earth for the purpose of saving us from our sins so that we could have an eternal relationship with God our Father.

In Art, the Kinders were excited to create their Christmas ornaments to decorate the CCA Christmas tree!

In Math, the Kinders are showing that peace excites when we become part of the math problem!

Human Tally Marks!
The Kinder saints use a nonstandard unit of measure (markers) to find out how long Cadence is!

Finally, we would like to introduce you to the newest member of our class…

Oscar Otter!

The Kinders are reading through Oscar Otter together this quarter. It is fun to watch their “otter” excitement over finding trick words, digraphs, bonus letters, glued sounds, and chunking words together.  We have some great readers in the making!

Here are just a few of our readers in the making.

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