Meet our new friend Oscar Otter!

IMG_1819Oscar will be joining us in the Peace Fruit Stand this quarter as we dig in to this quarter’s book, Oscar Otter.  He loves being a part of our class and is always looking for peacemakers to keep him company throughout the day.  He joins us for carpet time, gets to sit with a Kinder buddy during independent work, and was recently spotted strutting his stuff with the Kinders during a Brain Break!

These are exciting times in the Peace Fruit Stand!  The Kinders are well underway to becoming great authors.  They have been working on narrative stories with a beginning, middle, and end.

Check out some of their work!

They have also been learning about all the parts that make a complete sentence.


In Social Studies this week, we learned about the past and the present.  With a series of holidays rolling around, we are having fun discussing the differences between the  past and the present.  For Veteran’s Day, we looked at the way soldiers and sailors dressed and the kinds of weapons they used long ago and the kinds they use today.  As we studied the First Thanksgiving, we sorted out what Pilgrims used and looked like back then to what we use and look like now on our pocket chart.


Then we watched a video on how butter was churned back then and how massive amounts of butter are made now in factories.  We even got to make our own butter the old-fashioned way and try it out on some yummy cinnamon bread!

The way we dress, the toys we play with, the different methods of transportation, and the way we prepare food today may be different from how it was done in the past, but one thing has never changed through the passage of time — the character and perfect plan of God.  He was, is, and always will be the Sovereign God who loves the world that He gave His one and only Son to pay the penalty for our sins and grant all believers access to an abiding relationship with Him for eternity.  And that (not the presents and decorations) is why we can have a full life and a Merry Christmas!

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  – John 10:10


“Peace Excites” the Senses

The new quarter is in full swing in the Peace Fruit Stand!  The Kinders are beginning to sense how “Peace Excites” in the 2nd quarter.

Here are snapshots of our first two weeks ..

We read “The Pumpkin Patch Parable” and talked about how our sin is just like the gunk we find inside pumpkins – slimy, icky, and gross (as the Kinders liked to describe it). However, through Jesus death and sacrifice on the cross we are made clean by His blood if we believe in Him. We become a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) . Don’t you just love our pumpkin’s new face?! Though I didn’t light a candle and put it in our pumpkin, we discussed how Jesus’ light shines in and through us so we can let our light shine (Matthew 5:16).  Our pumpkin friend even helped us with the life cycle and parts of a pumpkin.

Check out the Kinders working together to get the “gunk” out of our pumpkin.

IMG_1778 IMG_1777 IMG_1775IMG_1774


IMG_1767 IMG_1766 IMG_1765IMG_1768

Then we made some pumpkin soup that excited our senses of taste and smell, at least, for most of us.  I was surprised that 11 out of 14 of our Kinders loved it!  They even asked for seconds!

IMG_1782 IMG_1781 IMG_1780

Look at us!  We’re human tally marks!

IMG_1738 IMG_1737 IMG_1736 IMG_1735

We had the opportunity to visit the fire station just across from school.  The firefighters stopped traffic to help us get across the street and gave us a glimpse of the day in the life of a firefighter.  We got to hear the blare of the fire alarm, learn the parts and tools of a fire engine, watch EMTs respond to a call, learn how to read a map of Portsmouth, and lounge in the captain’s office.

IMG_1758 IMG_1757 IMG_1756 IMG_1755

We learned that firefighters “live” in the fire station for days at a time.  They must take care of their own food and other living expenses at the station.  One interesting fact they shared was that most fire houses no longer use fire poles because they posed a problem when sleepy firefighters were awoken by alarms and were piling up on one another when sliding down the poles.

Of course, the Kinders got to sit in the driver’s seat of the fire engine!

IMG_1754 IMG_1752 IMG_1751 IMG_1750 IMG_1748 IMG_1747 IMG_1746 IMG_1745 IMG_1744 IMG_1743 IMG_1741 IMG_1740 IMG_1739

Stay tuned for upcoming posts of our unit on bats and a preview of the Kinders’ writing samples!