The Shadow of the Almighty

I am still in disbelief that we are more than half way through the first quarter!  There has been so much learning going on in the Peace Fruit Stand!

This week the Kinders have been exploring and experimenting with light and shadow to reinforce our learning from another book in our Nursery Rhyme series, Jack Be Nimble Learns About Shadows.

We used various kinds of light sources like flashlights, an overhead projector, the SMARTBoard projector, and sunlight to study the behavior of shadows.  Here are some fun facts we learned about shadows…

  • In order for a shadow to exist, it needs an object and a light source.
  • Shadows change its size depending on the angle of the light source on the object.
  • Making shadows, especially hand puppets, can be fun!
Though the sun threatened to hide itself, the Kinders were able to trace each other’s shadows with chalk. As fun as that was, we were unable to observe their shadows change in size as the sun’s position to their bodies moved throughout the day because the rain finally caught up with us.

We were able to make the connection that WE are just like shadows!  Just as shadows move with their source and need a light source to exist, we, as believers in Christ, need God as our Source and His Son Jesus as the “light” of our lives.  Psalm 91:1 comes to mind as I ponder this truth.

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the                       shadow of the Almighty.”

Our shadow becomes His shadow.  The Lord truly is with us wherever we go!  We thank God in prayer together daily that He is with us wherever we go, but it is refreshing to have Psalm 91:1 as a visual reminder of that.   I always love when Science backs up biblical truth!

The Kinders really loved this hand puppet video, so I have included it here for easy access:

Some other highlights from our week…

Our fellow Kinder Joshua was able to join us for us few hours on Friday after breaking his arm last weekend.  He was obviously missed and received tons of hugs from his Kinder buddies.  We all got to sign his cast!  We were so thankful he joined us, too, because our class earned a popcorn party, and he was able to celebrate with us.  Please keep Joshua in your prayers for complete healing.

Also, during Chapel we had the honor of hearing from several missionaries.  They reminded us that we, too, are missionaries in our own neighborhoods and have the privilege of sharing the good news of Jesus with others.  The Saints were able to ask all kinds of questions to get to know them and their heart for spreading the gospel globally.

Our visiting missionaries to New Zealand, Belgium, and London.

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