Welcome to Central Christian Academy’s Kindergarten Peace Fruit Stand!

Central Christian Academy is an accredited, Christian school servicing children from 2.5 years old through 6th grade.

The mission of Central Christian Academy is to provide an education that will equip saints with the knowledge and experiences they need to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grow the fruit of the Spirit within their home, church, and school.


In kindergarten, our fruit of the Spirit is peace.

The ACOs are observed during whole group instruction, independent work, small group time, and individual instruction.

In the first quarter, kindergartners learn that peace exists.

The first quarter in the Peace Fruit Stand, the saints focus on God’s creation and what exists within it. They take traditional nursery rhymes, learned in K4, and transpose them into scientific concepts. In order to exist in God’s creation peacefully, they must put others first, follow rules, and participate in established classroom activities. Patterns and mathematics exist within God’s creation. The saints identify how may objects are in a set and label it with the correct numeral. Saints’ growth and development in the areas of oral and written language and mathematics will be continually assessed as collected data informs instruction.

In the second quarter, kindergartners discover that peace excites.

Throughout the second quarter in the Peace Fruit Stand, the saints recognize the unique differences that make our world exciting. They read about Oscar Otter’s adventures and discover the difference between his needs and wants as they evaluate their own needs and wants. Christmas is a great time for the kindergarten saints to discuss these differences. They focus on their need for a Savior compared to what they want for Christmas. Past and present is studied through the different holidays within the quarter. Excitement grows as they compare objects through graphs and tallies. Additionally, the kindergarten saint compares beginning and ending sounds of words as they become avid readers.

In the third quarter, kindergartners understand that peace expresses.

The third quarter in the Peace Fruit Stand allows the saint to express peace through language, relationships, and circumstances. Henry, the main character in the Henry and Mudge book, develops relationships with his pet, his family, and his community. He is affected by many circumstances including time, seasons, and weather. The saints encounter similar relationships and circumstances as they compose stories and express themselves through oral and written language, as well as art and music. They also learn how leaders have impacted society by expressing themselves through their circumstances.

In the fourth quarter, kindergartners know how peace expands. 

Expanding peace is a process. The saints in the Peace Fruit Stand spend the fourth quarter cultivating their skills and knowledge. As they celebrate Easter, the Holy Spirit may guide them through the process of salvation. The life processes of amphibians is discovered as they study frogs and toads. The Frog and Toad series spark ideas for writing about their own adventures. The Kindergarten saints expand their ability to compose short stories by following the writing process. They learn the mathematical processes of addition, subtraction, and forming fractions. As summer quickly approaches, the saints cultivate their knowledge of creation by investigating weather patterns. Additionally, they expand their responsibilities as peacemakers and become good stewards by reducing, reusing, and recycling materials.